Planning/Energy Report and SAPs for Major UK Development

We’re currently working on a site for a major house builder in the UK. The site, in Hampshire has 500 new build houses and flats across the development. Built on brownfield land, the site provides much needed housing to the area.

As part of our service we have developed the client’s specification to best achieve the building regulations and planning requirements:

To achieve compliance with 2013 building regulations the development adopts a fabric first approach. Building regulations specify minimum standards of fabric thermal conductivity for elements such as walls, floors, roofs and windows. While a dwelling can achieve compliance with these minimums in place, it is often more cost effective to utilize an improved specification to reduce the dependency upon LZC technologies, which can have unpredictable market price variability. The development uses an updated specification with improved insulation throughout each element, as well as taking care to insulate in the junctions between elements.

An additional planning requirement on site for energy reduction over 2013 regulations requires a monitoring of the developments carbon emissions over time, to ensure the development meets the high quality specification over the lifetime of its development. The site therefore benefits from the fabric first approach, where the insulation specification provided is tested for its performance over time to achieve certification from the British Board of Agrément (BBA). Further to that, a modest array of solar photovoltaics have been specified on several south facing properties with the feed-in-tariff data providing detail of the energy details over time. This has been included in our energy/planning report.

We’re confident this solution is the most cost-effective for our client, whose specification we have continuously developed over the last eight years.

If you require an energy/planning report or SAP and EPC for your project, please contact us on 01582 544250 or via the web form on the ‘contact us’ page.

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