Overheating Analysis

Overheating Analysis

What is Overheating Analysis?

More airtight and better insulated buildings have an increased risk of overheating. Managing the risk of overheating risk is important for the wellbeing of occupants, and poses a challenge for architects and developers. However, the risk can be managed through overheating analysis.

Overheating analysis uses 3D models to predict the risk of high solar gains and inadequate ventilation. This informs architects and developers to improve the living conditions of the occupants.

Managing the Overheating Risk

Often buildings with a high risk of overheating, such as those with large windows facing south, will be required to submit an assessment report to planning. We provide you with a report detailing your overheating risk and consultation throughout the process.

Our experienced team ensure your project achieves compliance and planning and manages the overheating risk. Furthermore, our team can assess the Energy and Daylighting performance at the same time to ensure a comprehensive and appropriate solution.

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