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ESOS Lead assessors ESOS Audits Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ES)S)

What is ESOS?

We are accredited ESOS Lead Assessors and are fully qualified to assist you comply with your ESOS obligations.

ESOS is the UK’s response to Article 8 of the European Commission’s Energy Efficiency Directive. The aim is to cut carbon emissions by requiring large businesses to identify energy reduction measures. Thousands of UK organisations will be affected by the scheme.

What do I need to do?

Under ESOS, all large companies must undertake an energy audit conducted or overseen by an approved Lead Assessor once every four years. Audits will include an estimate of total energy consumption, covering buildings, industrial processes, and transport, and identify energy saving opportunities. The audit must be signed off by a board-level director before being submitted to the Environment Agency. The first deadline will be 5 December 2015. Participants must have a Lead Assessor to undertake various roles in relation to their Assessment.

The exception to this is where a participant has an ISO 50001 certified Energy Management System on the compliance date.

Your appointed Lead Assessor will have to undertake, oversee or review your ESOS Energy Audits and/or any other auditing activities, such as Display Energy Certificate assessments or GreenDeal Assessments (see Section 6.4).

Your Lead Assessor will also have to sign-off your Assessment once complete, to confirm it meets the requirements. You will need to submit the details of this Lead Assessor to the Environment Agency when reporting your compliance.

What is an ESOS Lead Assessor?

An audit must be be conducted or reviewed by a qualified Lead Assessor.

ESOS Lead Assessor is a new qualification. From October 2014, the Environment Agency approved a select number of professional bodies, to assess and accept applicants on to their Lead Assessor registration schemes. In order to be accepted on such a scheme and qualify as a Lead Assessor and applicant must demonstrate that they have fulfilled the requirements of PAS 51214:2014, the specification for competence of a Lead Assessor. This basically requires them to prove relevant industry experience and that they posses the requisite skills in energy auditing, energy efficiency surveying and reporting.

You may wish to have an ESOS Assessor to help oversee other parts of the Assessment process, such as overseeing the measurement of your total energy consumption,identifying areas of significant energy consumption and conducting ESOS Energy Audits. Lead Assessors must belong to a register of energy professionals approved by the Environment Agency.

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