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Daylighting and sunlight
Daylighting Consultancy

Daylight and Sunlight Reports

The density of our urban areas increasing year-on-year. So, designing naturally, well-lit spaces is becoming ever more challenging. Consequently, local authorities now frequently request daylight and sunlight reports. These reports identify both the daylight and sunlight amenity of a proposed development. They also the potential impact on existing dwellings from overshadowing.

Our RIBA Stage 1/2 involvement will allow our experienced team to optimise internal light levels and minimise impacts on surrounding buildings. We ensure the final report for planning compliments the overall application.

Small Scale Developments

Aside from reports for planning, we are also able to assist with small-scale developments where internal daylight amenity is of importance. With the use of our photo-realistic renders and daylight quantum assessments, we can ensure any space maximises available daylight and sunlight.

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