CO2 Reduction Strategy

CO2 Reduction Strategy
CO2 Reduction Strategy

Helping businesses with the Carbon Dioxide Reduction Strategy

Environmental Economics is committed to helping all businesses deal with the Government’s CO2 reduction strategy.

This strategy comprises:

  • Sector-level targets for carbon reduction
  • A requirement for targets and carbon-management plans
  • Funding incentives.
  • HEFCE activities on carbon reduction

Reduce Carbon Emissions

To help the sector reduce carbon emissions, we work in the following areas:

  • Measuring scope 3 carbon emissions
  • Providing recoverable grants through the Revolving Green Fund (RGF) for projects that reduce institutions' emissions
  • Good practice guidance on producing carbon reduction strategies, targets and associated carbon management plans
  • A report to estimate carbon dioxide emission baselines for each HEI that we fund. The baselines were provided to help institutions make submissions to the second Capital Investment Framework.

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