New Draft London Plan Document Released for Consultation

London Plan Draft

New London Plan Draft: What's New?

The Greater London Authority has released the new draft London Plan. The draft document has a number of changes from the current version of the London Plan. These include a couple of updates relating to carbon footprint of new developments.

The draft document includes a new higher price for the suggested carbon offset payment required to demonstrate equivalence with zero carbon. At £95/tonne, the new suggested figure is a more than 50% increase over the current figure of £60.

Current offset paying prices are determined by the separate London boroughs, with many setting their carbon price above the current figure. However the new this new figure of £95/tonne is likely to be adopted as a minimum.

If this figure is adopted, it would increase the offset payment required. Under the current price, it’s essentially always more economical to pay an offset payment than to build partly or fully to zero carbon. The higher carbon offset price may close this gap slightly, and using extra renewables or improved build specifications may be more economical.

Other changes include a ‘target’ of 10% above 2013 Building Regulations through energy efficiency measure such as insulation. It is unclear how London boroughs will interoperate the ‘target’ figure however if adopted many developers would need to increase the amount of insulation they are using in their developments.

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