Luton Town Centre Daylight Study

We have produced a Daylight Sunlight Study for a large scale mixed-use development in Luton Town centre. The proposed development will reside on a site currently occupied by derelict industrial buildings. The Daylight Sunlight Study assessed the impact that the proposals will have on existing domestic daylight amenity, as well as the effect on the development potential of neighbouring land.

To carry out this assessment, we created a 3D model. This model included the existing surroundings, the existing industrial building to be demolished and the proposed development. Utilising this model we were able to establish the Vertical Sky Component (VSC) and Annual/Winter Probable Sunlight Hours (A/WPSH) of the surrounding windows, before and after the proposed development being built. By comparing these results we were able to demonstrate that the proposed development did not significantly impact the daylight/sunlight amenity of the surrounding windows, in line with BRE guidelines.

The land to the east of the proposed development had been identified as having future development potential. Normally the height of the proposals and relative boundary distance are the factors used to check whether a proposal would restrict neighbouring development. However in this instance the neighbouring land had a prior consented scheme, which in itself did not comply with the BRE advice. Therefore we proposed an alternate method to assess the impact of the proposed scheme on this neighbouring land.

The already consented scheme and some further hypothetical potential development were modelled. The façades of these buildings were assessed using the VSC metric to demonstrate which areas will be able to benefit from good daylighting. The BRE guidance proposes four scenarios based on the VSC value achieved. Using the four classifications as guidelines, areas of each façade have been categorised. Over 90% of the wall area falls into categories where windows on that façade should benefit from suitable levels of daylight, if good design practices are followed. Therefore we were able to demonstrate that the proposed development does not severely restrict the development potential of the neighbouring land.

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