ESOS Phase 2 – Early Participants

We have had a good uptake from previous and new participants for ESOS Phase 2, with a number of clients already well progressed and in some cases finished and ready to submit their final report to the EA.

One new client, a prominent international auctioneer, has completed their ESOS Assessment and is ready to submit pending review by upper management. There were a number of challenges involved with completing the ESOS assessment as the building stock was unusual where new and old buildings were seamlessly joined and shared the same utility meters. This was compounded by the buildings being located in conservation areas and in some cases listed heritage sites. However, we were able to overcome these difficulties and provide recommendations that took into account the unusual building portfolio.

We are still taking on clients for Phase 2 of ESOS should you have not selected a Lead Assessor yet, however the deadline is fast approaching and late submission could result in fines, so contact us now for a quote.