Energy and Sustainability in Milton Keynes

Energy and sustainability
energy and sustainability
energy and sustainability

We are working with a Bedfordshire based house builder on a large site in Milton Keynes. The site consists of several hundred low density houses and needs to achieve several energy and sustainability requirements. On top of the most recent building regulations, the site needs a 10% reduction in site wide energy use and a target for lowering water use as part of the local planning requirements.

Assessing the Energy and Sustinability

Our energy team are completing a planning report, detailing how the site is reducing its energy use by 10%. The report overviews the renewable energy and insulation options available, and outlines which are most suitable. The team are also undertaking Part L1A (SAP) assessments of the site, and producing all EPCs.

Our sustainability team are completing water (Part G) and ventilation (Part F) calculations for the site. This involves calculating the ventilation and water services fitted in the dwellings are correctly specified to ensure a high quality build.

Results of Assessment

The developer has chosen to utilise solar photovoltaic panels (PV), for which we have provided a suggested allocation. Details of all of the specification are being provided in a clear site summary. Water and ventilation requirements are clearly listed for each house type to ensure everything is correctly installed.

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