The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS

The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is once again in full swing. With just over a year to go before the compliance deadline you should have determined your requirement to undertake an ESOS Audit and either secured the services of an ESOS Lead Assessor in preparation to begin the process or have begun the process already. If you haven’t managed to find an ESOS Lead Assessor or have been given quotes that you don’t believe provide value for money, then Environmental Economics Ltd are here to help.

We tailor each ESOS Audit to the client based on the outcomes that you want to achieve. We fully realise that for some clients, base-line compliance is the only desired result. However, there are many clients who realise that substantial energy and cost savings can be made with very little effort and in a number of cases, minimal or no cost. We also cater for the client who wants to be a leader in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency, who realises that investments in improvements now will yield dividends in years to come.

Our current client base reflects the diverse range of desired outcomes from the ESOS Audits and we can proudly say that we can count some of the UK’s largest FTSE100 listed companies all the way to some of the smallest (in terms of ESOS qualification criteria). Our client list spans an equally diverse range of industries including; brewing, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, waste management, education, entertainment, and confectionary to name but a few. All of our clients successfully completed ESOS Phase 1 without any financial penalties.

Many clients can see the benefit of saving energy, however where capital is required to make improvements, the argument is often made that the money could be better spent elsewhere. In light of this the Carbon Trust has determined that “A 20% cut in Energy Costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales in many businesses”. This highlights the need to view energy as more than a fixed overhead and something that should be actively and accurately targeted.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your ESOS Audit or receive a quote for acquiring the services of one of our Lead Assessors and our dedicated team of Energy Consultants to undertake your ESOS Audit, then you can either contact us through the information provided on the ‘Contact Us’ page or directly email Matt Roberts who in one of our ESOS Lead Assessors at We look forward to hearing from you and saving you energy and money.



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