Daylight and Sunlight Report in Suffolk

daylight and sunlight
Daylight and Sunlight

We have completed a daylight and sunlight report on the impact of a proposed development in Suffolk. The developer is looking to add an extra floor to an existing two storey building in an urban area in Suffolk. We assessed the changes in daylight and sunlight amenity, as well as the effects of overshadowing on the neighbouring buildings. 

Assessing the Changes in Daylight and Sunlight

To complete the report, the windows of the surrounding buildings were assessed against Vertical Sky Component (VSC) and Annual/Winter Probable Sunlight Hours (A/WPSH). Daylight and sunlight amenity of the neighbouring building were assessed twice. First with the existing property, and then with the proposed development. This establishes a clear comparison of the possible impact.

Impact on Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing

The majority of the buildings that have been assessed comfortably exceed BRE Guidelines. The exception is the two adjacent buildings, where a small number of windows fall below BRE Guidelines. This is to be expected with close proximity to the proposed scheme. The rest of the buildings retain at least 80% of their former amenities and therefore are not deemed to be significantly affected by the proposed scheme. Residents of these buildings should not notice significant loss of amenity.

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