Daylight and Sunlight in Shepherds Bush

Daylight and Sunlight
Daylight and Sunlight
Daylight and Sunlight

Environmental Economics (EE) has been instructed by a developer to provide a daylight and sunlight assessment for a new build infill scheme in Shepherds Bush.

Average Daylight Factor Results

The development has a ground floor living area and the bedroom located in the first floor, which are assessed against the ADF (Average daylight Factor) metric, the Probable Sunlight Hours (PSH) metric and Winter Probable Sunlight (WPSH) metric. The kitchen and living room occupy a shared space in the ground floor of the proposed development and therefore the space is assessed against the requirements set for living rooms, which  should achieve 2%. Even though it is located below the road level, the daylight factor (4.84%) for the combined space meet and exceed BRE guidelines, hence considered a well day-lit room. The bedroom receives adequate daylight (1.31%) as is located in the middle floor and sunlight can easier penetrate into the room. BRE guide suggest for bedrooms to achieve 1%.

In line with BRE guidelines, all windows have been assessed against the annual and winter probable sunlight hours scenario (APSH and WPSH). The main window is considered as a floor to ceiling window hence a point 1.6m above the ground on the central line of the window is used. All windows exceed BRE Guidelines by a significant level.

Daylight and Sunlight Conclusions

The proposed design includes significant measures to provide good access to daylight. Our conclusion from undertaking the modelling assessments is that the proposed development will have adequate access to daylight and sunlight.

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