Creating BIM components for BIMstore

BIMSolve, our dedicated Building Information Modelling (BIM) service have been working with a leading UK manufacturer of furnishings to produce BIM Components. Our technicians use Revit to create BIM components, ready for use on BIMstore, with all manufacturer information populated. The content is being used to host on BIMstore, other third party portals and for use of their own website.

Use of BIM is now mandated on all government projects and has been adopted by many of the leading building companies in the UK. Getting your products BIM ready ensures you’re on a level playing field with the competition and allows you to get the added exposure through being listed on BIMstore.

Further members of our energy team are currently undertaking Revit training. Our long-term continued professional development in Revit is an important part of our efforts to stay ahead of the changing trends in the building industry.

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