Display Energy Certificate in Hertfordhire

Environmental Economics are currently working on a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) for a medical centre in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

Following the Update in the European Building Directive in July last year, a new government remit requires publicly used buildings over 250 square meters to provide Display Energy Certificates (DECs). Before this the threshold was 500 square meters and many smaller public buildings, such as GPs surgeries may not have been affected.

To complete the assessment we completed a half day assessment and an hour of practice administration time. DECs comes with an advisory report which indicates energy saving measures which can be taken. The measures which we suggest, if taken, cover the cost of the assessment with ease and reduce the energy costs in the long term, certainly within the 10 years the DEC is valid.

Please contact us with you projects on domb@ee-ltd.co.uk or by calling 01582544250

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